Other Services

Recognized Leader in the Boston Area

The Heart Center of MetroWest offers a full
range of cardiac testing, imaging and
interventional procedures.


Anticoagulation Clinic

The Heart Center of MetroWest offers a full-time
clinic focused on educating and safely managing
patients who require anticoagulation with
warfarin for conditions such as atrial fibrillation
and mechanical heart valves. We are able to
obtain an international normalized ratio (INR)
result in our clinic with a finger stick. This allows us
to obtain results with the patient in the office and
provide dosing instructions at the time of testing.

We also provide our patients with perioperative
instructions when it becomes necessary to
temporarily hold anticoagulation for various

Cardiac Device Clinic

The Heart Center of MetroWest has a full-time
clinic dedicated to monitoring patients with
pacemakers, defibrillators and implantable loop
recorders. Patients followed in our clinic have
their devices checked routinely over the phone
and periodically in our office.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Under the directorship of our Heart Center
Cardiologists, both acute and maintenance
cardiac rehabilitation programs are offered to
our patients at MetroWest Medical Center.
These highly successful programs are
medically supervised. The primary purpose is
to expedite recovery from cardiac events or
conditions through individualized exercise
prescriptions and enhanced patient education
and risk factor modification. The ultimate goal
is to reduce the chance of further progression
of a patient's cardiovascular illness.

Please contact us for further information
and if you wish to join one of our programs.