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What is Vascular Testing?


The Heart Center of Metrowest provides the following vascular ultrasound imaging examinations:

            - Imaging of the carotid arteries in the neck that can develop blockages which increase the risk of stroke

            - Imaging of the abdominal aorta in patients at risk of an aneurysm

            - Imaging of the kidney arteries for blockages which can predispose patients to kidney failure and/or difficult to control hypertension

            - Imaging of the leg veins to exclude the presence of DVT (blood clots)

Imaging of the leg veins to assess for reflux or leaking in the leg veins (venous insufficiency).  This condition is a very common cause of ankle swelling and also leg symptoms such as heaviness, aching and burning.  When this condition is present and the patient’s symptoms persist despite therapies such as leg elevation and compression stockings, the Heart Center can then offer an ablation procedure.  A vein ablation involves directing a very small catheter (wire) into the leaking leg vein and delivering radiofrequency (heat) to the vein.  This procedure very often will then significantly improve patient’s leg symptoms and may also help their swelling.

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